Make To Order will be back

Dear valued customers, 

What a mess in the world resulting from this Covid-19 virus! Is there a business out there that has not been affected? From major airlines through to small family operated businesses like our own. After almost three years of working very hard to get to the point of a successful make-to-order business making modest, classic, beautiful, feminine, quality clothing, we were finally there... and then this dreadful virus hit. What does this mean to us? It means we are unable to get a hold of our fabrics without major delays and therefore unable to keep to a decent time period for delivery. It means shipping to countries around the world has suddenly changed and we cannot guarantee how long parcels will take to arrive. It means our tailors and seamstresses may need to stay home to care for children who cannot go to school.

We have therefore put a hold on our "make to order" until such time as things are back to normal. We will ensure you know all about it as soon as we can return to business. In the meantime, we are clearing all stock and so take a look at our clearance to see if your size is still available. Please do support us so that we can get back on track making modest, classic, quality clothing available again.

Kind regards,

Marie-Claire Veloso